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The Transport Treasury archive for high-quality digital images taken from our original negatives and transparencies captured by the cameras of railway and transport enthusiasts through the ages.

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ACT Aberdeen City Transport
DCT Dundee City Transport
ECT Edinburgh City Transport
GCT Glasgow City Transport
LTE London Transport
SDCT Sunderland City Transport
BCT Birmingham Corporation Transport
SCT Sheffield City Transport

TR378  Daimler CVG6 DRG332 Aberdeen Corp 1951 (H Conn)

TR379  Daimler CVG6 JRG223 Aberdeen Corp 1951 (H Conn)

TR384  AEC Reliance KWG569 Fife 1960s (H Conn)

TR385  Bristol FS6G RAG392 Western 1960s (H Conn)

TR386  Leyland PD3/3 LSD383 Western 1960s (H Conn)

TR387  Leyland PDR1/1 EWD818D Edinburgh Corp 1960s (H Conn)

TR388  Guy Arab AWG393 Fife at Kirkcaldy 1960s (H Conn)

TR389  Bristol LD6G KWG609 Midland at Kirkcaldy 1960s (H Conn)

TR390  Guy Arab KHL963 West Riding at Pontefract 1960s (H Conn)

TR391  BMMO D10 1944HA Midland Red at Stafford 1960s (H Conn)

TR392  Leyland PD2/37 9863NA Manchester Corp 1960s (H Conn)

TR393  Leyland PDR1/1 642KD Liverpool Corp 1960s (H Conn)

TR414  BMMO D10 1944HA Midland Red at Stafford 1960s (H Conn)

TR415  BMMO D10 1944HA Midland Red at Stafford 1960s (H Conn)

TR416  Albion LR7 7093HJ Southend Corp 1960s (H Conn)

TR417  Albion LR7 7096HJ Southend Corp 1960s (H Conn)

TR418  Guy Arab FFM137C Chester Corp 1960s (H Conn)

TR419  Guy Arab V EUH441D Cardiff Corp 1960s (H Conn)

TR421  BMMO D9 3020HA Midland Red at Stafford 1960s (H Conn)

TR422  BMMO D7 VHA436 Midland Red at Stafford 1960s (H Conn)

TR423 JCK 526 Leyland PD2/12 1956 Burlingham Ribble 1960's

TR424 TCK 816 Leyland PD3/5 1963 MCW Ribble 1960's

TR425 JRN 67 Leyland PD2/12 1956 MCW Ribble 1960's

TR426 JCK 526 Leyland PD2/12 1956 Burlingham Ribble 1960's

TR427 MCK 371 Leyland PD3/4 1959 Burlingham  Ribble 1960's Ex Scout in 1968

TR428 PTC 114C AEC Renown 1965 East Lancs Leigh Corp 1960's

TR429 HTJ 763B AEC Renown 1964 East Lancs Leigh Corp 1960's

TR430 978 CWL AEC Regent V 1958 Park Royal City of Oxford 1960's

TR431 DJF 349 Leyland PD1 1946 Leyland Barton  1960's Ex Leicester 1959

TR432 BOW 503C AEC Regent V 1965 Neepsend Southampton Corp 1960's

TR433 KWX 17 Leyland PD2/12 1951 Leyland Todmorden Corp 1960's

TR434 KCK 851 Leyland PD3/5 1957 Burlingham Ribble 1960's

TR435 KCK 881 Leyland PD3/5 1958 Burlingham Ribble 1960's

TR436 NCK 370 Leyland PDR1/1 1959 MCW Ribble 1960's

TR437 KCK 877 Leyland PD3/5 1958 Burlingham Ribble 1960's

TR438 EUH 445D Guy Arab V 1966 Alexander Cardiff Corp 1960's

TR439 TSD 285 Leyland PD3/2 1962 Alexander A 1 1960's

TR440  CFR 583C  Leyland PD3A/1  1965  MCW  Blackpool Corp  1960's        

TR441  CEO 949  Leyland PD2/40  1958  Park Royal  Barrow Corp  1960's        

TR442  943 HTT  AEC Regent V      Devon General  1960's        

TR443  JEO 773  Leyland L1  1963  East Lancs  Barrow Corp  1960's        

TR444  JEO 769  Leyland L1  1963  East Lancs  Barrow Corp  1960's        

TR445  ARN 568C  Leyland PSU3/1R  1965  Marshall  Ribble  1960's        

TR446  HEO 272  Leyland PD2A/27  1961  Massey  Barrow Corp  1960's        

TR447  KPM 87E  Bristol FLF6G  1967  ECW  Brighton&Hove &Dist  1960's        

TR448  JRN 59  Leyland PD2/12  1956  MCW  Ribble  1960's        

TR449  6299 HA  BMMO D9  1963  BMMO  Midland Red  1960's Nuneaton       

TR450  JHA 45E  Daimler CRG6  1967  Alexander  Midland Red  1960's Nuneaton       

TR468  GTX 936D  AEC Regent V  1966  MCW  Taff-Ely  1970's        

TR469  HAT 251  AEC Regent III  1952  Weymann  Hull Corp  1960's        

TR470  LOU 56  Dennis Lance 3  1954  Weymann  Aldershot & Dist  1960's        

TR476  FCX 805  Sunbeam  1950  Roe  Huddersfield Corp  1960's        

TR477  DVH 65  Sunbeam  1947  Park Royal  Huddersfield Corp  1960's        

TR478  FCX 805  Sunbeam  1950  Roe  Huddersfield Corp  1960's        

TR479  ECX 190  Sunbeam  1949  Park Royal  Huddersfield Corp  1960's        

TR480  SYG 849F  Bristol RELL6G  1968  ECW  West Yorkshire  1960's        

TR481  MBL 481  Bristol LD6G  1956  ECW  Thames Valley  1960's Coach bodywork       

TR482  LHJ 397  Leyland PD2/12  1955  Massey  Southend Corp  1960's        

TR483  17 FAX  Bristol MW6G  1962  ECW  Red and White  1960's        

TR484  GNY 432C  Leyland PD3/4  1965  Massey  Caerphilly  1960's        

TR485  YFR 369  Leyland PD3/1  1962  MCW  Blackpool Corp  1960's        

TR486  VKB 787  AEC Regent  1958  MCW  Liverpool Corp  1960's        

TR487  HKG 735D  AEC Renown  1966  NCME  Western Welsh  1960's        

TR488  OAV 146  AEC Reliance MU3RV  1957  Burlingham  Northern  1960's Ex Burnett of Mintlaw       

TR489  USC 793  AEC Relaince 2MU3RV  1960  Alexander  Eastern Scottish  1960's        

TR490  CSG 41C  Bristol FLF6G  1965  ECW  Eastern Scottish  1960's        

TR491  82 SVO  Albion Lowlander LR3  1963  Northern Counties  South Notts  1960's        

TR492  669 BNN  Leyland PD3/3  1959  Weymann  South Notts  1960's        

TR493  HRN 488  Leyland PD2/20 Preston Corporation  1960's        

TR494  ABO 428C  Guy Arab V  1964  Neepsend  Cardiff Corp  1960's        

TR495  AHF 367  Leyland PD1  1948  MCW  Wallasey Corp  1960's        

TR496  XAL 785  AEC Regent V  1957  Northern Counties  Barton  1960's        

TR497  AHF 193  Leyland PD1  1948  MCW  Wallasey Corp  1960's        

TR498  HNN 773  AEC Regent III  1947  Park Royal  West Bridgford  1960's        

TR499  XDT 152  AEC Regent V  1957  Roe  Doncaster Corp  1960's        

TR500  HRH 463  AEC Regent Hull Corp  1960's        

TR501  SRB 501  Bristol KSW6G  1953  ECW  Notts & Derby  1960's        

TR502  CGA 586B  AEC Reliance  1964  Willowbrook  Highland   1960's ex MacBrayne       

TR503  RMS 733  AEC Reliance 2MU3RV  1961  Alexander  Highland   1960's ex Alexanders       

TR504  RMS 727  AEC Reliance 2MU3RV  1961  Alexander  Highland   1960's ex Alexanders       

TR505  HWS 910  AEC Regal IV 9821E  1951  Alexander  SMT  1960's        

TR506  BOD 32C  Bristol FLF6G  1965  ECW  Western National  1960's        

TR507  HFY 722  Leyland PD2/12  1952  Weymann  Southport Corp  1960's        

TR508  EDV 528D  BristolFLF6G  1966  ECW  Western National  1960's        

TR509  HFY 722  Leyland PD2/12  1952  Weymann  Southport Corp  1960's        

TR510  RCS 390  Leyland PD3/3  1961  NCME  Western  1960's Ayr       

TR511  EDV 525D  Bristol FLF6G  1966  ECW  Western National  1960's        

TR512  JP 8314  Leyland PD1 Wigan Corp  1960's        

TR513  AHF 198  Leyland PD1  1948  MCW  Wallasey Corp  1960's        

TR514  CAG 429C  Leyland PSU3/3R  1965  Alexander   Western  1960's Dumfries       

TR515  NSF 902  Guy Arab IV  1956  Alexander   A1 Service  1960's EX Edinburgh

TR516  JOJ 252  Leyland PS2  1950  MCW  Birmingham Corp  1960's        

TR517  RTT 997  Bristol LD6B  1954  ECW  Southern National  1960's        

TR518  UOD 489  Bristol LD6B  1956  ECW  Southern National  1960's        

TR519  906 DBO  Leyland PD2A/37  1963  Weymann  Western Welsh  1960's

TR854  Southport Corporation 33 LFY33 outside depot 5/73 (AWB)

TR855  Wigan Corporation single-decker 84 HJP954H outside baths 25/5/73 (AWB)

TR856  Wigan Corporation double-decker 73 DEK5E 4/74 (AWB)

TR857  Wigan Corporation single-decker 6 YFY6M 4/74 (AWB)

TR858  Southport Corporation double-decker 106 GFY406 Wallgate 4/71 (AWB)

TR859  Southport Corporation double-decker 84 FFY401 Churchtown 8/71 (AWB)

TR860  Southport Corporation double-decker 87 FFY404 Churchtown 8/71 (AWB)

TR861  Southport Corporation double-decker 38 MWM38 Marsh Side Road 9/71 (AWB)

TR862  (Southport) Merseyside open-top single-decker 12 CRN993 5/5/75 (AWB)

TR863  Southport Corporation double-decker 56 GFY56E 5/5/75 (AWB)

TR864  Southport Corporation single-decker 61 HWM61F 1975 (AWB)

TR865  Southport Corporation double-decker 43 UWM43 5/75 (AWB)

TR866  Barrow Corporation single-decker 54 BEO954D 16/6/79 (AWB)

TR867  Barrow Corporation double-decker 109 HEO279 16/6/79 (AWB)

TR868  Southport Corporation double-decker 58 GFY58E by Palace Cinema, Southport 6/10/67 (AWB)

TR929  Doncaster Corp double-decker buses outside Grand Theatre (Lucas)

TR1061  East Midland single-decker XRR535 on Races special

TR1560  Gypsy wagons (ex-horse-drawn buses) in Cornwall (WW1 period)

TR1561  ‘Express’ Truro – Devoran – Redruth horse bus after mishap

TR1562  Horse-drawn bus Star Omnibus Co on Chessington service

TR1563  Horse-drawn bus Star Omnibus Co Chessington station – Zoo

TR1568  Jersey Motor Transport Leyland Lion in Clapham Museum 5/5/62 (BW)

TR1571  Double-decker bus 587 HDT on Balby service, Doncaster

TR1572  Single-decker 8627 DT on Hexthorpe service, Doncaster 30/3/65

TR1573  Double-decker 187 587 HDT on Balby service, Doncaster

TR1574  Single-decker 37 FDT 37C on Hexthorpe service, Doncaster

TR1575  Double-decker 194, Doncaster

TR1599  Double-decker 98 EDT 791 on special service, Doncaster

TR1602  General open-top bus B339 LA 9927 Crumbles, Eastbourne, (DHB)

TR1605  TK446 ex-LTPB ‘Q’ now FBS No. 2 outside Europa Bar, Famagusta 10/6/55 (MNB)

TR1606  TQ866 BMMO coach ex1978, owned by local bus operator in Evagaras Avenue, Famagusta 8/9/55 (MNB)

TR1607  TP832 ex-Birmingham Corp double-decker with upper deck removed outside Lafkarites office Hermes Street, Famagusta 13/8/55 (the street is steaming after the attentions of the municipal water cart( (MNB)

TR1608  TM249 Famagusta bus service 1955 (MNB)

TR1762  Grand Theatre, Doncaster view with double-decker bus in background

TR2016  Autoservizi Fulli single-decker at Keren Eritkea (Italian Beach) 11/44 (ARG)

TR2017  Southdown single-decker 1511 MCD511 on route 36 Brighton Pool Valley 6/4/53 (ARG)

TR2018  Southdown H class 706 KUF706 Brighton Pool Valley 6/4/53 (ARG)

TR2019  Northern JGO116 Kings Cross Coach Station (temporary) 22/4/53 (ARG)

TR2028  Westcliff-on-Sea double-decker on route 2A at Romford 26/4/53 (ARG)

TR2029  City double-decker D1 at Brentwood Garage 26/4/53 (ARG)

TR2030  City double-decker LD16 NVX313 at Brentwood Garage 26/4/53 (ARG)

TR2031  City double-decker LT14 CXL827 at Brentwood Garage 26/4/53 (ARG)

TR2032  City double-decker 3988 MPU49 at Brentwood Garage 26/4/53 (ARG)

TR2033  City single-decker G2 with 4-wheel steering at Brentwood Town 26/4/53 (ARG)

TR2034  City single-decker B31 XTW244 at Brentwood Garage 26/4/53 (ARG)

TR2035  Central SMT double-decker L465 in George Square, Glasgow 15/5/53 (ARG)

TR2036  SMT single-decker KSC543 at Dunfermline 16/5/53 (ARG)

TR2037  SMT single-decker H63 FF5585 Dawsholm 17/5/53 (ARG)

TR2038  AEC Regent single-decker FJW321 at Southend-on-Sea 24/5/53 (ARG)

TR2039  C J Elms of Tottenham, Bedford coach GR9682 at Southend-on-Sea 24/5/53 (ARG)

TR2040  Southend-on-Sea Corporation open-topped double-decker GJ2005 on route 19 at Southend-on-Sea 24/5/53 (ARG)

TR2041  Bates’ Crossley single-decker KGT383 Southend-on-Sea 24/5/53 (ARG)

TR2042  Maidstone & District double-decker DH402 at Hastings 25/5/53 (ARG)

TR2043  Maidstone & District s0736 FK078 on route 72 at Hastings 25/5/53 (ARG)

TR2044  Maidstone & District open coach AKT835 at Hastings 25/5/53 (ARG)

TR2045  East Kent single decker 27 CFN133 at Hastings 25/5/53 (ARG)

TR2046  East Kent single decker EFN584 at Hastings 25/5/53 (ARG)

TR2047  Crosville single decker KW245 MFM676 at Harwich 30/5/53 (ARG)

TR2049  Rambler single decker at Hastings 25/5/53 (ARG)

TR2051  R E Everson’s AEC Regent 6-wheeled single-decker IMC986 on Victoria Embankment 7/6/53 (ARG)

TR2053  N&C Luxury Coaches JTX339 on RCTS tour at Llanelly 14/6/53 (ARG)

TR2054  Red & White coach JWO217 at Swansea 14/6/53 (ARG)

TR2055  United Welsh double-decker at Swansea (side view) 14/6/53 (ARG)

TR2056  United Welsh double-decker at Swansea (side view) 14/6/53 (ARG)

TR2057  Hawkeys Bedford single-decker GCV213 at Wadebridge 29/6/53 (ARG)

TR2058  Southern National single-decker ETT939 at Axminster station 1/7/53 (ARG)

TR2059  Southern National double-decker KUO999 at Axminster station 1/7/53 (ARG)

TR2060  Seaview Services Ltd double-decker CDL765 at Ryde 3/7/53 (ARG)

TR2061  Southern Vectis double-decker JDL40 at Ryde 3/7/53 (ARG)

TR2064  J M Geddes Ltd single-decker GTT113 at Brixham 16/8/53 (ARG)

TR2065  City of Plymouth Transport double-decker 55 on route 10 at Plymouth 21/8/53 (ARG)

TR2066  City of Plymouth Transport double-decker 101 at Plymouth 21/8/53 (ARG)

TR2067  Western National double-decker 85 at Plymouth 21/8/53 (ARG)

TR2068  Western National single-decker 262 at Plymouth 21/8/53 (ARG)

TR2069  Western National single-decker 3791 at Plymouth 21/8/53 (ARG)

TR2070  Southern National single-decker at Plymouth 21/8/53 (ARG)

TR2071  Devon General single-decker SL636 MTT636 at Torquay 22/8/53 (ARG)

TR2072  Devon General single-decker SR537 HUO537 at Torquay 22/8/53 (ARG)

TR2073  Devon General double-decker DG309 JTA309 at Torquay 22/8/53 (ARG)

TR2074  Devon General double-decker DR656 MTT656 at Torquay 22/8/53 (ARG)

TR2075  Plymouth Co-Op Society single-decker HDR408 at Paignton 22/8/53 (ARG)

TR2076  O J Hambly single-decker BAF351 at Looe 25/8/53 (ARG)

TR2077  Western National single-decker 259 ETT953 on route 106 at Kingsbridge 26/8/53 (ARG)

TR2079  Hulls Coaches, Cheshunt PPU700 at Hastings 14/9/53 (ARG)

TR2080  Bata Shoes of East Tilbury ex-LPTB STL double-decker on employees excursion at Southend East 5/10/53 (ARG)

TR2081  Superior coaches OHL245 at Gloucester 21/2/54 (ARG)

TR2082  Red & White coach CWO402 at Ross-on-Wye 21/2/54 (ARG)

TR2083  Trent single-decker BRC310 at Hackney Marsh 27/3/54 (ARG)

TR2084  Eastern National single-decker ONO993 at Southend Victoria 30/3/54 (ARG)

TR2085  Eastern National double-decker XVX19 at Southend Victoria 30/3/54 (ARG)

TR2086  Grey Green single-decker NLT175 at Stamford Hill 17/4/54 (ARG)

TR2087  Grey Green single decker JLH239 at Stamford Hill 17/4/54 (ARG)

TR2088  East Kent single-decker KKO745 at Margate 17/4/54 (ARG)

TR2089  East Kent double-decker FFN364 on route 52 at Margate 17/4/54 (ARG)

TR2090  East Kent double-decker GFN914 with sliding doors (rear ¾ view) on route 8 at Margate 17/4/54 (ARG)

TR2091  Marlborough Coaches (Margate) MKO927 at Margate 17/4/54 (ARG)

TR2092  Valiant, Ealing coach SMU449 at Margate 17/4/54 (ARG)

TR2094  Margate & District (A M Stickels) JBT170 at Margate 17/4/54 (ARG)

TR2095  Orange Luxury single-decker OLL459 at Margate 17/4/54 (ARG)

TR2096  Laceys (Ilford) single-decker GHM260 at Margate 17/4/54 (ARG)

TR2097  Hertfordian (A W Sharpe, Harrow) single-decker DNT813 at Southend 18/4/54 (ARG)

TR2098  A Green Ltd, Walthamstow single-decker AAN235 at Southend 18/4/54 (ARG)

TR2099  Bere Regis & District single-decker EFX37 at Brighton 19/4/54 (ARG)

TR2100  York Bros, Northampton single-decker GNV701 at Brighton 19/4/54 (ARG)

TR2101  Star, Hanworth single-decker MPA257 at Brighton 19/4/54 (ARG)

TR2102  Altonian, Alton single-decker HBK983 at Brighton 19/4/54 (ARG)

TR2103  Yorkshire Traction Co, Barnsley single-decker EHE922 at Brighton 19/4/54 (ARG)

TR2104  Enterprise Coaches, Kenton single-decker OMT367 at Brighton 19/4/54 (ARG)

TR2105  Margos, Croydon single-decker HRK378 at Brighton 19/4/54 (ARG)

TR2106  Derelict double-decker JA1291 AEC in blue/cream livery with ‘Southend Margate’ on indicator at Rainham Essex 1/5/54 (ARG)

TR2107  Eastern Counties single-decker LL580 CVF880 at Spalding 16/5/54 (ARG)

TR2108  Westcliff-on-Sea single-decker AJN821 on route 10 at Southend Victoria station 18/5/54 (ARG)

TR2109  Popular Coaches, Barking Road, E16 double-decker NYE100 at Barking Road 19/5/54 (ARG)

TR2110  Bartletts of Shanklin single-decker FBK639 at Alum Bay 6/6/54 (ARG)

TR2111  Bartletts of Shanklin single-decker FBK639 (side view) at Alum Bay 6/6/54 (ARG)

TR2112  Reads of Ryde single-decker GDL193 at Alum Bay 6/6/54 (ARG)

TR2113  Pearces of Ryde single-decker JDL778 at Alum Bay 6/6/54 (ARG)

TR2114  Western SMT double-decker TM3735 at Dumfries 10/7/54 (ARG)

TR2115  KW Services, Daventry single-decker GRP335 at Newton Stewart 10/7/54

TR2116  Glasgow Corporation double-decker A75 FYS175 at St Rollox 12/7/54 (ARG)

TR2117  Western SMT double-decker BSD415 at St Enoch 12/7/54 (ARG)

TR2118  Bluebird single-decker P395 WG5534 at Stirling 13/7/54 (ARG)

TR2119  Alexander double-decker R271 WG9185 at Stirling 13/7/54 (ARG)

TR2120  Strachan, Aberdeen single-decker LNW828 at Aberdeen 15/7/54 (ARG)

TR2121  Strachan, Aberdeen single-decker DSA303 at Aberdeen 15/7/54 (ARG)

TR2122  SMT single-decker ESC433 at Galashiels 16/7/54 (ARG)

TR2123  Service Coaches single-decker TG5507 Blyth/Newcastle 18/7/54 (ARG)

TR2124  Newcastle Corporation double-decker LVK98 on route 98 at Central Station 18/7/54 (ARG)

TR2125  Maidstone & District open double-decker OT4 FK0228 Hastings 2/8/54 (ARG)

TR2126  Maidstone & District open double-decker OT6 FK0230 at Hastings 2/8/54 (ARG)

TR2127  East Kent single-decker CFN151 at Hastings 2/8/54 (ARG)

TR2128  A E Marsh, Harvington nr Evesham single-decker HNP875 at Hastings 2/8/54 (ARG)

TR2129  Charles Banfield SE17 single-decker CBA765 at Hastings 2/8/54 (ARG)

TR2130  Pascalls, Goodmayes single-decker 13AEV at Hastings 2/8/54 (ARG)

TR2131  Fallowfield & Brittain Ltd E8 single-decker KJJ518 at Hastings 2/8/54 (ARG)

TR2132  Windsorian, Windsor single-decker DMO249 at Hastings 2/8/54 (ARG)

TR2133  Bourne & Balmer Ltd, Croydon single-decker MBY349 at Hastings 2/8/54 (ARG)

TR2134  Superior single-decker ONW998 at Toton 8/8/54 (ARG)

TR2135  Southern National single-decker 581 HOD121 at Bridport 18/8/54 (ARG)

TR2136  Southern National double-decker HOD87 at Seaton 19/8/54 (ARG)

TR2137  Summerbees, Southampton single-decker HTR144 at Seaton 19/8/54 (ARG)

TR2138  Sidmouth Motor Coach Touring Co single-decker CDV802 at Sidmouth 20/8/54 (ARG)

TR2139  Sidmouth Motor Coach Touring Co single-decker HOD471 at Sidmouth 20/8/54 (ARG)

TR2140  Devon General double-decker DR732 PDV732 at Sidmouth 20/8/54 (ARG)

TR2141  Devon General single-decker SR507 HTT507 at Sidmouth 20/8/54 (ARG)

TR2142  Budleigh Salterton single-decker GTT596 at Budleigh Salterton 20/8/54 (ARG)

TR2143  WEMS (Western Eng & Motor Svces Ltd), Clevedon single-decker BGA56 at Sidmouth 20/8/54 (ARG)

TR2144  W Herring & Son, Birnham single-decker NYA350 at Sidmouth 20/8/54 (ARG)

TR2145  Southern National single-decker 1323 LTA902 at Sidmouth 20/8/54 (ARG)

TR2146  Midland Red single-decker 3323 KHA323 at Lyme Regis 21/8/54 (ARG)

TR2147  Kears, Bristol single-decker NHU345 at Lyme Regis 22/8/54 (ARG)

TR2148  Bristol CO-OP single-decker MAE626 at Lyme Regis 22/8/54 (ARG)

TR2149  Bristol Tramways single-decker NHY941 at Lyme Regis 22/8/54 (ARG)

TR2150  Comfy Cars, Farnham single-decker SPH999 at Lyme Regis 22/8/54 (ARG)

TR2151  Way & Son, Crediton single-decker LOD495 at Lyme Regis 22/8/54 (ARG)

TR2152  Southern National single-decker 1340 LTA996 at Lyme Regis 22/8/54 (ARG)

TR2153  J Hoare & Sons, Ivybridge single-decker GJY404 at Lyme Regis 22/8/54 (ARG)

TR2154  F Parker, Ilminster single-decker DUD327 at Lyme Regis 22/8/54 (ARG)

TR2155  Hants & Dorset single-decker 659 JEL98 at Weymouth 24/8/54 (ARG)

TR2156  Wilts & Dorset double-decker 382 JWV381 at Weymouth 24/8/54 (ARG)

TR2157  Southern National single-decker 53 FJ8972 at Weymouth 24/8/54 (ARG)

TR2158  Southern National 6-wheeled single-decker 1005 ETA238 at Weymouth 24/8/54 (ARG)

TR2159  Western National single-decker 1728 OTT24 at Weymouth 24/8/54 (ARG)

TR2160  Western National single-decker 115 FJ8945 (rear ¾ view) at Chard 25/8/54 (ARG)

TR2161  Western National single-decker 116 FJ8946 at Chard 25/8/54 (ARG)

TR2162  Chard & District single-decker KG6225 at Sidmouth 27/8/54 (ARG)

TR2163  Wessex Coaches Ltd, Bristol single-decker SAE953 at Sidmouth 27/8/54 (ARG)

TR2164  Bristol Co-oP single-decker LAE294 at Sidmouth 27/8/54 (ARG)

TR2165  Osmonds Curry Rivel single-decker LYD743 at Lyme Regis 28/8/54 (ARG)

TR2166  Raiseys Coaches, Grendon single-decker UBH289 at Southend 19/9/54 (ARG)

TR2167  Leamington Spa single-decker OWD592 at Southend 3/10/54 (ARG)

TR2168  Charles Banfield Ltd SE17 double-decker CFY90 at Southend 3/10/54 (ARG)

TR2169  Harold Kingston SW7 single-decker JMU300 at Southend 3/10/54 (ARG)

TR2170  Eastern Counties single-decker LE703 KNG702 at Southend 3/10/54 (ARG)

TR2171  Eastern Counties single-decker MS908 LRT134 at Southend 3/10/54 (ARG)

TR2172  County double-decker CCX797 on route 69 at Huddersfield 17/10/54 (ARG)

TR2173  Railway Executive, Huddersfield double-decker 227 GCX27 at Huddersfield 17/10/54 (ARG)

TR2174  West Yorkshire single-decker JMU889 at Huddersfield 17/10/54 (ARG)

TR2175  Tilling single-decker OJJ750 at Kings Cross 28/11/54 (ARG)

TR2176  BEA single-decker MLL754 at South Bank 18/5/55 (ARG)

TR2177  Yorkshire Traction Co single-decker 902 CHE857 at Hull Springhead 22/5/55 (ARG)

TR2178  West Yorkshire single-decker EUC10 MWY221 at Malton 22/5/55 (ARG)

TR2179  Southend Corporation Transport double-decker 240 CHJ440 at Southchurch Road, Southend 26/6/55 (ARG)

TR2180  Southend Corporation Transport double-decker 267 HGF923 at Southchurch Road, Southend 26/6/55 (ARG)

TR2181  Westcliff-on-Sea single-decker 1298 CHJ255 at Southchurch Road, Southend 26/6/55 (ARG)

TR2182  Westcliff-on-Sea double-decker 1439 XVX23 at Southchurch Road, Southend 26/6/55 (ARG)

TR2183  Eastern National double-decker 1446 207BPU at Southchurch Road, Southend 26/6/55 (ARG)

TR2184  Westcliff-on-Sea double-decker 1267 AJN823 at Leigh Station 8/7/55 (ARG)

TR2185  Southend Corporation double-decker 176 HJN83 at Leigh Station 8/7/55 (ARG)

TR2186  T Wright, Southend 6-wheeled single-decker CN6618 at Southend 1/8/55 (ARG)

TR2187  Riviera Services, Falmouth single-decker FS8566 at Falmouth 15/8/55 (ARG)

TR2188  Western National single-decker 451 JTA202 at Mousehole 15/8/55 (ARG)

TR2189  Western National double-decker 2585 RL8267 at Falmouth 15/8/55 (ARG)

TR2190  Western National double-decker 993 LTA812 at Falmouth 18/8/55 (ARG)

TR2191  Western National double-decker 1864 OTT3 at Truro 20/8/55 (ARG)

TR2192  Western National single-decker 1735 OTT31 at Falmouth 22/8/55 (ARG)

TR2193  Western National double-decker 993 LTA812 Falmouth 24/8/55 (ARG)

TR2194  Western National single-decker 1309 LTA898 at Kynance Cove 24/8/55 (ARG)

TR2195  C H Kinsman, Ponsanooth single-decker SAF101 at Falmouth 18/8/55 (ARG)

TR2196  General Motors, Camborne single-decker HAF165 (W J George t/a Pelere Motors, Penryhn) at Falmouth 23/8/55 (ARG)

TR2197  A J Walker, Trevellos single-decker LCV722 at Truro 20/8/55 (ARG)

TR2198  Lewis Motors single-decker at Falmouth 22/8/55 (ARG)

TR2199  Lewis Motors single-decker BYJ11 at Falmouth 22/8/55 (ARG)

TR2200  Southdown single-decker OUF834 at Penzance 23/8/55 (ARG)

TR2201  Midland Red single-decker at Saltley 18/9/55 (ARG)

TR2202  Midland Red double-decker at New Street Station 18/9/55 (ARG)

TR2203  Ex-Midland Red single-decker MR2 CHA993 at Lansdowne’s Yard, Stratford 15/1/56 (ARG)

TR2204  Ex-Midland Red double-decker 2442 GHA796 at Lansdowne’s Yard, Stratford 15/1/56 (ARG)

TR2205  Ex-Westcliff double-decker AVF354 in red livery at Lansdowne’s Yard, Stratford 15/1/56 (ARG)

TR2206  Southdown single-decker 1039 OUF139 at Southsea 1/4/56 (ARG)

TR2207  Nuneaton, Wainfleet single-decker MNX137 at Portsmouth 1/4/56 (ARG)

TR2208  G Howman double-decker WV2380 at Portsmouth 1/4/56 (ARG)

TR2209  Yorkshire Woollen District Transport Co Ltd, Dewsbury single-decker AHD820 at Southend-on-Sea 28/4/56 (ARG)

TR2210  Grosvenor Coaches, Enfield single-decker XMT623 at Huntingdon 29/4/56 (ARG)

TR2211  Tilling single-decker OLU754 at Kings Cross 2/5/56 (ARG)

TR2212  Suttons single-decker SPU906 at Kings Cross 2/5/56 (ARG)

TR2213  Yardley Coaches, B’ham single-decker LOF799 at Southend 5/5/56 (ARG)

TR2214  C & R Coaches, Little Tey, Essex single-decker LYM466 at Southend 5/5/56 (ARG)

TR2215  Smiths Imperial, B’ham single-decker MOC777 at Southend 5/5/56 (ARG)

TR2216  John Laing, Building Contractor single-decker (733) 98EME at Southend 5/5/56 (ARG)

TR2217  Mann’s, Smethwick single-decker RHA150 at Southend 5/5/56 (ARG)

TR2218  Eastbourne Corporation open top double-decker JK7430 at Eastbourne 27/5/56 (ARG)

TR2219  Eastbourne Corporation open top double-decker JK5604 at Eastbourne 27/5/56 (ARG)

TR2220  Eastbourne Corporation double-decker 25 JK9982 at Eastbourne 27/5/56 (ARG)

TR2221  Eastbourne Corporation double-decker 23 JK9651 at Eastbourne 27/5/56 (ARG)

TR2222  Southdown open top double-decker 412 GUF72 at Eastbourne 27/5/56 (ARG)

TR2223  Southdown open top double-decker 497 GUF397 at Eastbourne 27/5/56 (ARG)

TR2224  Timpsons single-decker RYO473 at Hastings 24/6/56 (ARG)

TR2225  R Hardy, Bromley single-decker DBN967 at Hastings 24/6/56 (ARG)

TR2226  Southdown single-decker (1289) HUF289 at Hastings 24/6/56 (ARG)

TR2227  East Kent single-decker EFN569 at Dover 4/7/56 (ARG)

TR2228  East Kent single-decker KFN248 at Dover 4/7/56 (ARG)

TR2229  East Kent single-decker KFN248 showing entrance ‘Pay as you Enter’ at Dover 4/7/56 (ARG)

TR2230  East Kent double-decker CJG974 at Dover 4/7/56 (ARG)

TR2231  East Kent double-decker EFN203 at Dover 4/7/56 (ARG)

TR2232  Hants & Dorset single-decker 857 SRU971 on Embankment 5/7/56 (ARG)

TR2233  West Yorks double-decker YDC65 CWX666 at York 6/7/56 (ARG)

TR2234  West Yorks single-decker SCW6 JYG721 at York 6/7/56 (ARG)

TR2235  West Yorks single-decker SBW24 KWU384 at York 6/7/56 (ARG)

TR2236  Crosville single-decker KW259 MFM690 at Sunderland 8/7/56 (ARG)

TR2249  Southend Corporation open top double-decker 245 FOP452 on route 68 at Chalkwell 5/8/56 (ARG)

TR2250  Seaview Services single-decker CDL882 at Ryde 6/8/56 (ARG)

TR2251  Seaview Services single-decker FDL318 at Ryde 6/8/56 (ARG)

TR2252  Seaview Services double-decker CDL764 at Ryde 6/8/56 (ARG)

TR2253  Southern Vectis double-decker 779 CAE479 at Ryde 6/8/56 (ARG)

TR2254  Southern Vectis double-decker 517 KDL413 at Ryde 6/8/56 (ARG)

TR2255  Southern Vectis Dennis ACE single-decker 405 DL9015 at Ventnor 6/8/56 (ARG)

TR2256  Southern Vectis single-decker ADL509 at Ventnor 6/8/56 (ARG)

TR2257  Birch double-decker K215 LXV215 at Kings Cross 11/8/56 (ARG)

TR2258  Youth Travel Club Universal Ltd, Liverpool single-decker BJV687 at Euston 11/8/56 (ARG)

TR2259  Western National single-decker 125 FJ8955 at Falmouth 20/8/56 (ARG)

TR2260  Royal Blue single-decker 597 HOD76 at Newquay 23/8/56 (ARG)

TR2261  Hawkeys single-decker MAF699 at Newquay 23/8/56 (ARG)

TR2262  Southern National single-decker 305 DDV32 at Padstow 23/8/56 (ARG)

TR2263  Southern National single-decker 1772 RTT991 at Padstow 23/8/56 (ARG)

TR2264  Western National double-decker 1870 OTT9 at Helston 27/8/56 (ARG)

TR2265  Western National single-decker 1640 LTA799 at Lizard 27/8/56 (ARG)

TR2266  Western National single-decker 1348 LTA876 at Lizard 27/8/56 (ARG)

TR2267  Grenville Motors single-decker ARJ493 at Falmouth 29/8/56 (ARG)

TR2268  Trenwith & Perry, The Island Bus Service single-decker CUW82 at Scilly 30/8/56 (ARG)

TR2269  Trenwith & Perry, The Island Bus Service single-decker BDL92 at Scilly 30/8/56 (ARG)

TR2270  Yorkshire Traction single-decker 900 CHE855 at Hull 23/9/56 (ARG)

TR2271  West Yorkshire single-decker CP1 FWW596 at York 23/9/56 (ARG)

TR2272  Grosvenor single-decker 200HHX at Staveley 21/10/56 (ARG)

TR2273  Rotherham Corporation double-decker 128 MET128 at Canklow 21/10/56 (ARG)

TR2274  Grosvenor single-decker VMK828 at Plaistow 2/12/56 (ARG)

TR2275  Cumberland double-decker 216 FAO59 at Lansdowne’s Yard 27/1/57 with CBX341 (183) of James, Ammanford at rear (ARG)

TR2276  Brighton Hove & District open top (temporarily covered) double-decker CAP131 at Brighton 28/3/57 (ARG)

TR2277  Southdown double-decker 524H PUF624 rear ¾ view showing fitted doors at Brighton 28/3/57 (ARG)

TR2278  Lancashire United single-decker 123 DTF249 at Bolton 31/3/57 (ARG)

TR2279  Lancashire United double-decker 393 KTE629 at Bolton 31/3/57 (ARG)

TR2280  Ribble single-decker 313 ECK576 at Bolton 31/3/57 (ARG)

TR2281  Bolton Transport double-decker 57 GWH507 at Bolton 31/3/57 (ARG)

TR2282  Finglands, Manchester single-decker SVR147 at Bolton 31/3/57 (ARG)

TR2283  Finglands, Manchester single-decker SVR147 at Newton Heath 31/3/57 (ARG)

TR2284  North Western double-decker 550 FDB550 at Manchester Piccadilly 31/3/57 (ARG)

TR2285  SHMD Board double-decker 37 KMA507 at Manchester Piccadilly 31/3/57 (ARG)

TR2286  SHMD Board double-decker 75 VTU75 at Manchester Piccadilly 31/3/57 (ARG)

TR2287  Stockport Corporation double-decker 321 EDB575 at Manchester Piccadilly 31/3/57 (ARG)

TR2288  Manchester Corporation double-decker A89 FVM312 in use as employees’ canteen at Manchester Piccadilly 31/3/57 (ARG)

TR2289  Manchester Corporation single-decker 4 NNB104 at Manchester Piccadilly 31/3/57 (ARG)

TR2290  Manchester Corporation double-decker 3194 JNA495 at Manchester Piccadilly 31/3/57 (ARG)

TR2291  Manchester Corporation double-decker 3469 PND469 at Manchester Piccadilly 31/3/57 (ARG)

TR2292  Manchester Corporation double-decker 4515 RNO515 at Manchester Piccadilly 31/3/57 (ARG)

TR2293  Southern Vectis single-decker 232 MDL753 at Ryde 22/4/57 (ARG)

TR2294  Western Welsh single-decker 899 DKG899 at Brecon 2/5/57 (ARG)

TR2295  Western Welsh single-decker 458 GUH458 at Brecon 2/5/57 (ARG)

TR2296  United Welsh double-decker 949 FCY110 at Neath 19/5/57 (ARG)

TR2297  Western Welsh double-decker 949 DKG949 at Neath Garage 19/5/57 (ARG)

TR2298  Western Welsh double-decker 972 EUH972 at Neath Garage 19/5/57 (ARG)

TR2299  Western Welsh single-decker 1028 HUH28 at Neath Garage 19/5/57 (ARG)

TR2300  Blue Cars single-decker OLL948 at Dover Marine 13/6/57 (ARG)

TR2301  Grosvenor single-decker 200HHX at Grantham 28/7/57 (ARG)

TR2302  Grosvenor single-decker 104 FDT827 at Doncaster 28/7/57 (ARG)

TR2303  J Humphries (Sec), Comisborough single-decker CTY400 at Doncaster 28/7/57 (ARG)

TR2304  ECT double-decker 759 NSF759 on Granton service in Edinburgh 18/8/57 (ARG)

TR2305  ECT double-decker 962 OFS962 on route 14 in Edinburgh 18/8/57 (ARG)

TR2306  ECT double-decker 725 NSF725 on route 12 at Leith 18/8/57 (ARG)

TR2307  ECT single-decker 672 BWS206 on Castle route at Edinburgh 18/8/57 (ARG)

TR2308  ECT single-decker GWS468 at Waverley station 18/8/57 (ARG)

TR2309  Alexander single-decker HMS222 at Dunkeld 19/8/57 (ARG)

TR2310  Alexander single-decker DWG694 at Dunkeld 19/8/57 (ARG)

TR2311  SMT single-decker NSG835 at Dunkeld 19/8/57 (ARG)

TR2312  Highland single-decker H171 fitted with breakdown crane at Inverness 19/8/57 (ARG)

TR2313  Highland single-decker B6 KST656 at Thurso 21/8/57 (ARG)

TR2314  Highland single-decker C22 BST24 at Thurso 21/8/57 (ARG)

TR2315  Highland single-decker C24 SK2840 at Thurso 21/8/57 (ARG)

TR2316  Highland double-decker E20 AST958 at Thurso 21/8/57 (ARG)

TR2317  Highland single-decker H4 VD8769 at Thurso 21/8/57 (ARG)

TR2318  Highland single-decker K46 DST929 at Thurso 21/8/57 (ARG)

TR2319  Highland single-decker K86 DST284 at Thurso 21/8/57 (ARG)

TR2320  Highland single-decker L3 CMS297 at Thurso 21/8/57 (ARG)

TR2321  Highland double-decker E38 BST306 at Wick with K75 JWS132 21/8/57 (ARG)

TR2322  Highland single-decker H5 VD7370 at Wick 21/8/57 (ARG)

TR2323  Highland single-decker K78 JWS129 at Wick 21/8/57 (ARG)

TR2324  Highland single-decker K93 KSC918 at Berriedale, Caithness 22/8/57 (ARG)

TR2325  Highland single-decker A2 KST51 at Ullapool 23/8/57 (ARG)

TR2326  Highland double-decker E72 EST392 at Inverness 23/8/57 (ARG)

TR2327  Highland single-decker D120 EST564 at Inverness 23/8/57 (ARG)

TR2328  MacBraynes single-decker 67 EGA644 at Fort William 24/8/57 (ARG)

TR2329  MacBraynes single-decker 160 KGD901 at Fort William 24/8/57 (ARG)

TR2330  Dunoon Motor Services double-decker VS4350 at Dunoon 25/8/57 (ARG)

TR2331  MacBraynes single-decker 97 FUS997 at Dunoon 26/8/57 (ARG)

TR2332  McConnachies Bus Services single-decker SB7765 at Macrihannish 27/8/57 (ARG)

TR2333  Bluebird single-decker PA167 CWG269 at Oban 28/8/57 (ARG)

TR2334  Bluebird single-decker PA150 CWG32 at Oban 28/8/57 (ARG)

TR2335  Bluebird single-decker PD26 FMS743 at Inverary 28/8/57 (ARG)

TR2336  MacBraynes single-decker 65 EGA642 at Inverary 28/8/57 (ARG)

TR2337  Dunoon Motor Services double-decker DGB430 at Dunoon 29/8/57 (ARG)

TR2338  Gold Line single-decker ASB655 at Dunoon 30/8/57 (ARG)

TR2339  Baird’s single-decker OPF410 at Dunoon 30/8/57 (ARG)

TR2340  A Graham, Milton of Campsie single-decker SB7304 at Dunoon 30/8/57 (ARG)

TR2341  Garelochhead Coach Services Ltd double-decker DGB463 at Helensburgh 30/8/57 (ARG)

TR2342  Garelochhead Coach Services Ltd double-decker JXC190 at Garelochhead 30/8/57 (ARG)

TR2343  Central SMT double-decker B12 GM7012 at Helensburgh 30/8/57 (ARG)

TR2344  Central SMT double-decker L285 CVD485 at Helensburgh 30/8/57 (ARG)

TR2345  Midland Red single-decker 3355 KHA355 at Banbury 8/9/57 (ARG)

TR2346  Eastern Counties single-decker 568CTW at Euston 15/10/57 (ARG)

TR2347  Colchester Corporation double-decker 11 WPU733 at Colchester 3/11/57 (ARG)

TR2348  Southdown double-decker 359 JCD59 at Brighton 1/4/58 (ARG)

TR2349  Southdown single-decker 1504 LUF504 at Brighton 1/4/58 (ARG)

TR2350  Yarmouth Corporation double-decker 35 AEX335 at Yarmouth 25/5/58 (ARG)

TR2351  Yarmouth Corporation double-decker 55 EX5935 at Gorleston 25/5/58 (ARG)

TR2352  Yarmouth Corporation double-decker 56 EX5936 at Yarmouth 25/5/58 (ARG)

TR2353  Yarmouth Corporation double-decker 68 EX6568 at Yarmouth 25/5/58 (ARG)

TR2354  Yarmouth Corporation double-decker 69 EX6569 at Yarmouth 25/5/58 (ARG)

TR2355  Yarmouth Corporation double-decker 58 EX5938 at Yarmouth 25/5/58 (ARG)

TR2356  Maidstone & District single-decker (lineman’s wagon) GKE72 at Hastings 3/6/58 (ARG)

TR2357  Maidstone & District single-decker CO364 WKM364 at Hastings 3/6/58 (ARG)

TR2358  Maidstone & District single-decker on ‘Round the Town’ tour OR2 HKL826 at Hastings 3/6/58 (ARG)

TR2359  Showmans Vehicle AHA497 at Hampstead 26/5/58 (ARG)

TR2360  Alpha single-decker EM5357 at Doncaster 15/6/58 (ARG)

TR2361  Yorkshire Traction double-decker 930L DHE568 at Doncaster 15/6/58 (ARG)

TR2364  Eastern National ‘Pay as you Enter’ single-decker SD403 569CTW at Southend 20/7/58 (ARG)

TR2365  Lansdowne double-decker FEV178 at Stratford 24/7/58 (ARG)

TR2367  BEA single-decker MLL728 at London Airport 4/8/58 (ARG)

TR2369  London Airport single-decker PXE100 at London Airport 4/8/58 (ARG)

TR2370  North Western single-decker 645 KOB645 at Llandudno 16/8/58 (ARG)

TR2371  Llandudno UDC single-decker AJC91 at Llandudno 17/8/58 (ARG)

TR2372  Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Electric Railway Co double-decker 1 HTN231 at Llandudno 17/8/58 (ARG)

TR2373  Llandud & Colwyn Bay Electric Railway Co double-decker 2 HTN233 at Llandudno 17/8/58 (ARG)

TR2374  Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Electric Railway Co double-decker 4 GUF133 at Llandudno 17/8/58 (ARG)

TR2375  Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Electric Railway Co double-decker 9 GUF387 at Llandudno 17/8/58 (ARG)

TR2376  Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Electric Railway Co double-decker 12 GUF393 at Llandudno 17/8/58 (ARG)

TR2377  Crosville single-decker CMG360 808FFM at Llandudno 17/8/58 (ARG)

TR2378  Crosville single-decker GA13 FM8144 at Llandudno 17/8/58 (ARG)

TR2379  Crosville single-decker KA86 BFM203 at Llandudno 17/8/58 (ARG)

TR2380  Crosville single-decker KA259 LFM335 at Holyhead 20/8/58 (ARG)

TR2381  Crosville single-decker KA345 LFM321 at Llanberis 21/8/58 (ARG)

TR2382  Crosville single-decker KG122 KFM771 at Rhyl 23/8/58 (ARG)

TR2383  Crosville single-decker KW277 NFM33 at Rhyl 23/8/58 (ARG)

TR2384  Crosville single-decker KW252 MFM683 at Llandudno 29/8/58 (ARG)

TR2385  Crosville double-decker M67 CFM369 at Llandudno 29/8/58 (ARG)

TR2386  Crosville open top double-decker M73 CFM375 at Llandudno 29/8/58 (ARG)

TR2387  Crosville double-decker M94 EFM603 at Llandudno 29/8/58 (ARG)

TR2388  Crosville double-decker M133 FFM183 at Llandudno 29/8/58 (ARG)

TR2389  Crosville double-decker M554 HFM76 at Llanberis 21/8/58 (ARG)

TR2390  Crosville double-decker MB180 FFM336 at Llandudno 25/8/58 (ARG)

TR2391  Crosville double-decker MG804 XFM215 at Llandudno 17/8/58 (ARG)

TR2392  Crosville open top double-decker MG815 XFM227 at Llandudno 17/8/58 (ARG)

TR2393  Crosville double-decker MG946 928CFM at Llandudno 30/8/58 (ARG)

TR2394  Crosville double-decker ML677 RFM422 at Llandudno 30/8/58 (ARG)

TR2395  Crosville double-decker MW429 NFM61 at Rhyl 23/8/58 (ARG)

TR2396  Crosville single-decker PC16 LFM232 at Llandudno 29/8/58 (ARG)

TR2397  Crosville single-decker PC22 LFM238 at Bangor 22/8/58 (ARG)

TR2398  Crosville single-decker PC28 LFM244 at Llandudno 19/8/58 (ARG)

TR2399  Crosville single-decker SC7 340CFM at Bangor 22/8/58 (ARG)

TR2400  Crosville single-decker SC17 787EFM at Rhyl 23/8/58 (ARG)

TR2401  Crosville single-decker SC50 LFM387 at Llandudno 19/8/58 (ARG)

TR2402  Crosville single-decker SL75 MFM43 at Llanberis 21/8/58 (ARG)

TR2403  Crosville single-decker CSG623 803FFM at Llandudno 30/8/58 (ARG)

TR2404  Williams & Davis, Wrexham double-decker ACK778 at Rhyl 23/8/58 (ARG)

TR2405  Douglas Corporation Transport open top double-decker 10 WMN486 at Douglas 26/8/58 (ARG)

TR2406  Douglas Corporation Transport single-decker 11 WMN487 (offside) at Douglas 26/8/58 (ARG)

TR2407  Douglas Corporation Transport single-decker 11 WMN487 (nearside) at Douglas 26/8/58 (ARG)

TR2408  Douglas Corporation Transport single-decker 20 KMN518 at Douglas 26/8/58 (ARG)

TR2409  Douglas Corporation Transport single-decker 33 XMN289 at Douglas 26/8/58 (ARG)

TR2410  Douglas Corporation Transport double-decker 49 CMN710 at Douglas 26/8/58 (ARG)

TR2411  Douglas Corporation Transport double-decker 61 JMN725 at Douglas 26/8/58 (ARG)

TR2412  Douglas Corporation Transport double-decker 75 VMN667 at Douglas 26/8/58 (ARG)

TR2413  Isle of Man Road Services double-decker 14 MMN12 at Douglas 26/8/58 (ARG)

TR2414  Isle of Man Road Services single-decker 49 MMN299 at Douglas 26/8/58 (ARG)

TR2415  Isle of Man Road Services single-decker 65 MMN303 at Douglas 26/8/58 (ARG)

TR2416  Isle of Man Road Services double-decker 72 KMN502 at Douglas 26/8/58 (ARG)

TR2417  Isle of Man Road Services double-decker 31 XMN345 at Douglas 26/8/58 (ARG)

TR2418  Standerwick single-decker 37 FV6849 at Blackpool 28/8/58 (ARG)

TR2419  West Yorkshire single-decker CUG20 OWX137 at Blackpool 28/8/58 (ARG)

TR2420  Ribble double-decker 1249 JCK220 at Blackpool 28/8/58 (ARG)

TR2421  Ribble double-decker 1456 JCK531 at Blackpool 28/8/58 (ARG)

TR2422  Blackpool Corporation Transport double-decker 206 DFV106 at Blackpool 28/8/58 (ARG)

TR2423  Blackpool Corporation Transport double-decker 226 DFV126 at Blackpool 28/8/58 (ARG)

TR2424  Blackpool Corporation Transport double-decker 244 DFV144 at Blackpool 28/8/58 (ARG)

TR2425  Blackpool Corporation Transport double-decker 321 NFV321 at Blackpool 28/8/58 (ARG)

TR2426  Lytham St Annes Corporation double-decker 17 GTB904 at Blackpool 28/8/58 (ARG)

TR2427  Lytham St Annes Corporation double-decker 59 758CTD at Blackpool 28/8/58 (ARG)

TR2428  Llandudno UDC single-decker JC8344 at Llandudno 31/8/58 (ARG)

TR2430  Crosville single-decker KB84 JFM113 at Chester 14/9/58 (ARG)

TR2431  Crosville single-decker TA6 JFM576 at Chester 14/9/58 (ARG)

TR2432  Alpha single-deckers EM5357 & KVC895 at Custom House 18/1/59 (ARG)

TR2433  Westcliff single-decker PL369 FJN164 at Wisley 11/6/59 (ARG)

TR2434  Colchester Corporation double-decker 15 681HEV at Colchester 20/6/59 (ARG)

TR2435  Colchester Corporation double-decker 19 1297F at Colchester 20/6/59 (ARG)

TR2436  Maidstone District double-decker DL49 49DKT at Hastings 2/8/59 (ARG)

TR2437  Maidstone District double-decker DL49 49DKT (rear ¾) at Hastings 2/8/59 (ARG)

TR2438  Maidstone District double-decker DH502 502DKT at Hastings 2/8/59 (ARG)

TR2439  Maidstone District Lodecker double-decker DH485 VKR477 at Hastings 2/8/59 (ARG)

TR2440  Wilhelm Geiger KG, Oberstdorf single-decker SF.K315 at Towerhill 8/9/59 (ARG)

TR2441  Wilhelm Geiger KG, Oberstdorf single-decker SF.K315 (rear ¾) at Towerhill 8/9/59 (ARG)

TR2443  Bournemouth Corporation double-decker 117 KEL117 at Bournemouth Gardens 5/10/59 (ARG)

TR2444  Hants & Dorset double-decker 425 YRU64 at Bournemouth Gardens 5/10/59 (ARG)

TR2445  Hants & Dorset double-decker XE4541 at Bournemouth Gardens 5/10/59 (ARG)

TR2446  WTA single-decker KJD900 at Swanage 6/10/59 (ARG)

TR2447  Hants & Dorset single-decker 752 ERU516 at Swanage 6/10/59 (ARG)

TR2448  Southern National single-decker 1753 RTT972 at Weymouth 6/10/59 (ARG)

TR2449  Southern National double-decker 1903 TUO504 at Weymouth 6/10/59 (ARG)

TR2450  Devon General single-decker SL635 MTT635 at Exeter 7/10/59 (ARG)

TR2451  City of Exeter double-decker 61 VFJ996 at Exeter 7/10/59 (ARG)

TR2452  City of Exeter double-decker 50 TFJ808 at Exeter 7/10/59 (ARG)

TR2453  City of Exeter double-decker 57 UFJ297 at Exeter 7/10/59 (ARG)

TR2454  Wilts & Dorset double-decker 601 KMR609 at Salisbury 9/10/59 (ARG)

TR2455  Wilts & Dorset double-decker 603 KMW345 at Salisbury 9/10/59 (ARG)

TR2456  Alpha single-decker WLB427 at Doncaster 20/3/60 (ARG)

TR2457  Edinburgh Corporation double-decker 420 LFS420 at Haymarket 22/5/60 (ARG)

TR2458  Edinburgh Corporation single-decker PWS822 at Waverley 22/5/60 (ARG)

TR2459  Highland double-decker E2 BST68 at Inverness 24/5/60 (ARG)

TR2460  Lawsons single-decker OMS241 at Inverness 24/5/60 (ARG)

TR2461  Lawsons single-decker PB14 DMS827 at Spinningdale 24/5/60 (ARG)

TR2462  Highland single-decker B16 LST753 at Dunbeath 24/5/60 (ARG)

TR2463  Highland single-decker B22 MST805 at Wick 25/5/60 (ARG)

TR2464  Highland single-decker B16 LST753 at Thurso 25/5/60 (ARG)

TR2465  Highland single-decker B21 MST804 at Thurso 25/5/60 (ARG)

TR2466  Highland single-decker C17 AST951 at John O’ Groats 25/5/60 (ARG)

TR2467  Burrs of Tongue single-decker MVD268 at Thurso 25/5/60 (ARG)

TR2468  SMT double-decker SWS727 at Glasgow 28/5/60 (ARG)

TR2469  Central SMT double-decker L569 GM8809 at Glasgow 28/5/60 (ARG)

TR2470  Western SMT long body double-decker GD1518 MSD382 at Glasgow 28/5/60 (ARG)

TR2471  Glasgow Corporation double-decker A48 FYS148 in Glasgow 28/5/60 (ARG)

TR2472  Glasgow Corporation double-decker A312 FYS618 in Glasgow 28/5/60 (ARG)

TR2473  Glasgow Corporation double-decker B76 FYS295 in Glasgow 28/5/60 (ARG)

TR2474  Glasgow Corporation double-decker B125 FYS507 in Glasgow 28/5/60 (ARG)

TR2475  Glasgow Corporation double-decker L302 SGD304 in Glasgow 28/5/60 (ARG)

TR2476  SMT single-decker B681H SWS681 in Glasgow 28/5/60 (ARG)

TR2477  MacBrayne single-decker 47 WGG636 at Fort William 29/5/60 (ARG)

TR2478  View of MacBraynes coaches on pier at Fort William 29/5/60 (ARG)

TR2479  MacBrayne single-decker 23 WGG624 at Fort William 29/5/60 (ARG)

TR2480  MacBrayne single-decker 28 WGG 545 at Fort William 29/5/60 (ARG)

TR2481  MacBrayne 9-seater single-decker 166 KGD901 at Fort William 29/5/60 (ARG)

TR2482  MacBrayne single-decker 166 KGD907 at Armadale 30/5/60 (ARG)

TR2483  Alexander single-decker PA72 BMS699 at Oban 2/6/60 (ARG)

TR2484  Alexander single-decker D38 DMS551 at Oban 2/6/60 (ARG)

TR2485  Alexander single-decker N5 JMS392 at Oban 2/6/60 (ARG)

TR2486  Malcolm Machlachlan, Tayvalich, Argyll single-decker SN6790 at Ardrishaig 3/6/60 (ARG)

TR2487  MacDonald & MacLennan, Ardrishaig single-decker USP328 at Ardrishaig 3/6/60 (ARG)

TR2488  Southdown open top double-decker GUF145 at Brighton 18/8/60 (ARG)

TR2489  Oxford single-decker 743 743HFC at Didcot 21/8/60 (ARG)

TR2490  Gosport & Fareham Omnibus Co Ltd double-decker 12 FHO604 at Gosport 18/10/60 (ARG)

TR2491  Gosport & Fareham Omnibus Co Ltd double-decker 6 HCG41 at Gosport 18/10/60 (ARG)

TR2492  Gosport & Fareham Omnibus Co Ltd double-decker 53 JO1626 at Gosport 18/10/60 (ARG)

TR2493  Gosport & Fareham Omnibus Co Ltd double-decker 71 SCG623 at Gosport 18/10/60 (ARG)

TR2494  Western National single-decker 1207 JUO939 at Barnstaple 5/5/61 (ARG)

TR2495  Southern National single-decker 1786 VDV787 at Barnstaple 5/5/61 (ARG)

TR2496  Southern National single-decker 1782 VDV783 at Bideford 9/5/61 (ARG)

TR2497  Southern National single-decker 612 668COD (doors shut) at Bideford 9/5/61 (ARG)

TR2498  Southern National single-decker 612 668COD (doors open) at Bideford 9/5/61 (ARG)

TR2499  Southern National single-decker 1223 JUO988 at Bideford 9/5/61 (ARG)

TR2500  Southern National single-decker 1603 LTA972 at Bideford 9/5/61 (ARG)

TR2501  Southern National double-decker 1902 TUO503 at Bideford 9/5/61 (ARG)

TR2502  A J Simmonds, Letchworth 14-seat single-decker SCV199 at Beech Farm, St Albans 18/5/61 (ARG)

TR2503  Provincial open top double-decker 54 ECG622 Lee-on-Solent 29/8/61 (ARG)

TR2504  Provincial single-decker 23 CG9606 on route 18 in Fareham 29/8/61 (ARG)

TR2505  Southdown double-decker 847 XUF847 at Fareham 29/8/61 (ARG)

TR2506  Southampton Corporation double-decker 106 FCR196 in Southampton 30/8/61 (ARG)

TR2507  Southampton Corporation double-decker 200 FOW454 in Southampton 30/8/61 (ARG)

TR2508  Hants & Dorset single-decker 669 KEL64 in Southampton 30/8/61 (ARG)

TR2509  Hants & Dorset single-decker 787 KRU993 in Southampton 30/8/61 (ARG)

TR2510  Portsmouth Corporation double-decker 29 EBK566 in Portsmouth 25/8/62 (ARG)

TR2511  Portsmouth Corporation double-decker 65 GTP982 in Portsmouth 25/8/62 (ARG)

TR2512  Portsmouth Corporation double-decker 111 ORV988 in Portsmouth 25/8/62 (ARG)

TR2513  Seaview Services double-decker GDL765 in Ryde 27/8/62 (ARG)

TR2514  Seaview Services single-decker HDL726 in Ryde 27/8/62 (ARG)

TR2515  Southern Vectis single-decker 226 LDL628 in Ryde 27/8/62 (ARG)

TR2516  Southern Vectis single-decker 248 XDL729 in Ryde 27/8/62 (ARG)

TR2517  Southern Vectis double-decker 533 LDL732 in Ryde 27/8/62 (ARG)

TR2518  Southern Vectis double-decker 760 JDL34 in Ryde 27/8/62 (ARG)

TR2519  Southern Vectis single-decker 839 HDL283 in Ryde 27/8/62 (ARG)

TR2520  Hants & Dorset single-decker 669 KEL64 at Southampton Pier 29/8/62 (ARG)

TR2521  Hants & Dorset double-decker 1436 YRU75 in Southampton 29/8/62 (ARG)

TR2522  Southdown single-decker 1145 8145CD in Southampton 29/8/62 (ARG)

TR2523  Aldershot & District single-decker 392 392AOU in Southampton 29/8/62 (ARG)

TR2524  Southampton Corporation double-decker 123 FCR213 in Southampton 29/8/62 (ARG)

TR2525  Southampton Corporation single-decker 33 DTR460 at Southampton Docks 29/8/62 (ARG)

TR2526  Southampton Corporation single-decker 253 JOW926 in Southampton 29/8/62 (ARG)

TR2527  Eastern National double-decker 1609 185XNO at Euston 14/1/63 (ARG)

TR2528  Eastern Counties single-decker LS815 3815PW at Euston 14/1/63 (ASRG)

TR2530  Southampton Corporation double-decker 322 322 AOW in Southampton 31/8/63 (ARG)

TR2531  Southampton Corporation double-decker 141 FCR442 in Southampton 31/8/63 (ARG)

TR2532  Eastern National single-decker 560 DO9546 in Southampton 31/8/63 (ARG)

TR2533  Southdown double-decker 857 XUF857 in Fareham 29/8/63 (ARG)

TR2534  Duple Vega Major single-decker 101VRL (W J O Jennings, Bude) on Camborne route at Duple Factory, Hendon 7/5/64 (ARG)

TR2535  C Riley, Rotherham Duple single-decker 6740ET with Alton Towers on indicator at Duple Factory, Hendon 7/5/64 (ARG)

TR2536  Abeey Ways, Halifax single-decker TJX735 at Duple Factory, Hendon 7/5/64 (ARG)

TR2538  Reliance, Newbury single-decker 87 504EBL at Lee-on-Solent 2/9/64 (ARG)

TR2539  Provincial double-decker 12 FHO604 at Gosport 3/9/64 (ARG)

TR2540  Provincial double-decker 65 FCR201 in Gosport 3/9/64 (ARG)

TR2541  Southern Vectis open top double-decker 907 GHT124 in Ryde 3/9/64 (ARG)

TR2542  Southampton Corporation single-decker 251 JOW294 in Southampton 5/9/64 (ARG)

TR2543  Southampton Corporation double-deckers 140 FCR441 & 230 HTR47 in Southampton 5/9/64 (ARG)

TR2544  Southdown double-decker 857 XUF857 in Warsash 8/9/64 (ARG)

TR2545  Southdown single-decker 1026 OUF126 in Bognor 9/9/64 (ARG)

TR2546  Southdown single-decker 118 118CUF in Bognor 9/9/64 (ARG)

TR2547  Southdown single-decker 1702 2702CD in Bognor 9/9/64 (ARG)

TR2548  Provincial single-decker 30 CG9609 at Stokes Bay 27/8/65 (ARG)

TR2549  Provincial single-decker 69 PCG436 in Gosport 31/8/65 (ARG)

TR2550  Provincial double-decker 59 EHO965 in Gosport 31/8/65 (ARG)

TR2551  Provincial single-decker 29 CG9608 in Gosport 31/8/65 (ARG)

TR2552  Provincial open top double-decker 56 EHO868 at Stokes Bay 31/8/65 (ARG)

TR2553  Hants & Dorset single-decker 666 JRU69 (night view) at Fareham 1/9/65 (ARG)

TR2554  Southend Corporation double-decker 285 HJN845 at Leigh-on-Sea 6/10/65 (ARG)

TR2562  Provincial open top vintage bus CD7045 in Gosport 29/8/66 (ARG)

TR2563  Luton Corporation double-decker 125 LBM125 in Luton 21/3/67 (ARG)

TR2564  Luton Corporation double-decker 145 RMJ145 in Luton 21/3/67 (ARG)

TR2565  Luton Corporation double-decker 149 UNM149 in Luton 21/3/67 (ARG)

TR2566  Luton Corporation double-decker 163 163ANM in Luton 21/3/67 (ARG)

TR2567  Luton Corporation double-decker 165 165EMJ in Luton 21/3/67 (ARG)

TR2568  United Counties single-decker 140 TBD140 in Luton 21/3/67 (ARG)

TR2569  United Counties double-decker 634 634BRP in Luton 21/3/67 (ARG)

TR2570  United Counties double-decker 908 HBD644 in Luton 21/3/67 (ARG)

TR2571  United Counties double-decker 975 LNV503 in Luton 21/3/67 (ARG)

TR2572  United Counties double-decker 25 625YNV in Luton 21/3/67 (ARG)

TR2573  United Counties single-decker 137 TBD137 Luton Garage 21/3/67 (ARG)

TR2574  United Counties single-decker 481 JBD985 Luton Garage 21/3/67 (ARG)

TR2575  Eastern Counties double-decker LFS77 AAH615B at Cromer 2/9/67 (ARG)

TR2576  Red Car Service, Norwich single-decker 1800VF at Kings Cross 25/3/67 (ARG)

TR2577  Eastern Counties double-decker LKD186 UNG186 at Cromer 2/9/67 (ARG)

TR2578  Eastern Counties single-decker LM925 WVX447 at Cromer 2/9/67 (ARG)

TR2579  Eastern Counties single-decker LC557 6557AH at Mundesley 2/9/67 (ARG)

TR2580  Eastern Counties single-decker LM964 8003VF at Mundesley 5/9/67 (ARG)

TR2581  Eastern Counties single-decker LC557 6557AH at North Walsham 7/9/67 (ARG)

TR2582  Trent single-decker RRC230 at Cromer 2/9/67 (ARG)

TR2583  Ex-Eastern Counties single-decker LL647 FPW51 at Coltishall 19/8/68 (ARG)

TR2584  Eastern Counties single-decker LC566 6566NG at Norwich 20/8/68 (ARG)

TR2585  Eastern Counties single-decker LM923 WVX443 at Norwich 20/8/68 (ARG)

TR2586  Eastern Counties single-decker RS647 KVF647 at Norwich 20/8/68 (ARG)

TR2587  Eastern Counties double-decker FLF465 KAH465D at Norwich 20/8/68 (ARG)

TR2588  Eastern Counties double-decker LKD210 YVF210 at Norwich 20/8/68 (ARG)

TR2589  Eastern Counties double-decker LKH169 OVF169 at Norwich 20/8/68 (ARG)

TR2590  Eastern Counties double-decker LKH251 KNG251 at Norwich 20/8/68 (ARG)

TR2591  Eastern Counties recovery truck X34 CNG226 at Norwich 20/8/68 (ARG)

TR2592  Eastern Counties double-decker (almost side view) FLF488 LAH488E at Cromer 22/8/68 (ARG)

TR2593  Eastern Counties double-decker FLF488 LAH488E (front ¾ view) at Cromer 22/8/68 (ARG)

TR2594  Eastern Counties double-deckers LFS79 AVF579B & LFS15 5615NG at Cromer 22/8/68 (ARG)

TR2596  Southend Corporation single-decker 205 WHJ429 in Southend 30/8/68 (ARG)

TR2597  Southend Corporation double-decker 335 CJN435C in Southend 30/8/68 (ARG)

TR2598  Eastern National double-decker 2721 802WVW in Southend 30/8/68 (ARG)

TR2599  Eastern National double-decker 2818 HEV996B in Southend 30/8/68 (ARG)

TR2600  Eastern National open top double-decker 2382 WNO483 in Southend 30/8/68 (ARG)

TR2601  Western Welsh single-decker 1205 LKG205 at Whitelsands Bay 20/8/69 (ARG)

TR2602  Western Welsh single-decker 1256 SRO256 at Newcastle Emlyn 23/8/69 (ARG)

TR2603  Western Welsh single-decker 1247 SRO247 at Newcastle Emlyn 23/8/69 (ARG)

TR2604  Crosville single-decker EMG418 917VFM at Aberystwyth 25/8/69 (ARG)

TR2605  Crosville single-decker SMG501 AFM108B at Aberystwyth 25/8/69 (ARG)

TR2606  Crosville double-decker DLB909 891CFM at Aberystwyth 25/8/69 (ARG)

TR2607  Western Welsh single-decker 1353 DBO353C at Aberayron 26/8/69 (ARG)

TR2608  Western Welsh single-decker 1384 HBO384D at Aberayron 26/8/69 (ARG)

TR2609  Crosville single-decker CMG479 2185FM at Aberystwyth 25/8/69 (ARG)

TR2610  Crosville single-decker SMG438 1216FM at Aberystwyth 25/8/69 (ARG)

TR2611  Crosville single-decker SSG669 242SFM at Aberystwyth 25/8/69 (ARG)

TR2612  Crosville single-decker SSG652 649LFM at Devils Bridge 25/8/69 (ARG)

TR2613  Western Welsh single-decker DBO344C at Carmarthen 27/8/69 (ARG)

TR2614  Western Welsh single-decker OUH178G at Tenby 27/8/69 (ARG)

TR2615  Red & White single-decker UC163 23FAX at Tenby 27/8/69 (ARG)

TR2616  Silcox Coach Co, Pembroke Dock single-decker DCN845 at Tenby 27/8/69 (ARG)

TR2617  Silcox Coach Co, Pembroke Dock single-decker VGT330 at Tenby 27/8/69 (ARG)

TR2618  Silcox Coach Co, Pembroke Dock single-decker 120LDE at Tenby 27/8/69 (ARG)

TR2619  Silcox Coach Co, Pembroke Dock double-decker LDE950 at Tenby 27/8/69 (ARG)

TR2625  West Yorks single-decker CUG42 PYD757 at Whitby 2/6/70 (ARG)

TR2626  West Yorks single-decker CUG28 8125WX at Whitby 2/6/70 (ARG)

TR2627  Wallace Arnold single-decker MNW709F at Whitby 2/6/70 (ARG)

TR2628  United single-deckers 2715 CHN815C & 2731 KHN731D at Whitby 2/6/70 (ARG)

TR2629  United single-decker 1511 YHN811H at Thornton Dale 3/6/70 (ARG)

TR2630  Ribble single-decker 993 KCK993H at Flamborough Head 5/6/70 (ARG)

TR2631  United single-decker WHN800G at Bridlington 5/6/70 (ARG)

TR2632  United double-decker 542 NHN542E at Scarborough 6/6/70 (ARG)

TR2633  United double-decker 211 5111HN at Scarborough 6/6/70 (ARG)

TR2634  United single-decker 4234 CHN33H at Scarborough 6/6/70 (ARG)

TR2635  East Yorks recovery wagon JAT435 at Scarborough 6/6/70 (ARG)

TR2636  East Yorks double-decker 758 9758RH at Scarborough 6/6/70 (ARG)

TR2637  East Yorks double-deckers 541 LAT69 (left-luggage vehicle) & HNW365D Scarborough 6/6/70 (ARG)

TR2638  Hardwicke Services, West Yorkshire double-decker CK158 282BWU at York 6/6/70 (ARG)

TR2639  Eastern Counties double-decker LFS5 5605NG at Lowestoft 11/8/70 (ARG)

TR2640  Eastern Counties single-decker LH694 UNG694G at Lowestoft 11/8/70 (ARG)

TR2641  Eastern Counties double-decker VR369 TNG369G at Southwold 15/8/70 (ARG)

TR2642  Eastern Counties single-decker RL703 TVF703G at Southwold 18/8/70 (ARG)

TR2643  City of Exeter double-decker 57 UFJ297 on route 85 to Exmouth (DB)

TR2645  Devon General open top double-decker OD7505 (DB)

TR2646  Devon General double-decker DR660 (DB)

TR2647  Devon General AEC Regal single-decker SR542 HUO542 (DB)

TR2648  PMT single-decker C7718 718AEH Victoria coach station (DB)

TR2649  East Kent single-decker GFN278 London coach station (DB)

TR2650  Trent Valley double-decker Bristol 752 MBL833 on route B to Reading (DB)

TR2651  Lincolnshire single-decker 3002 MFU407 London coach station (DB)

TR2652  Royal Blue single-decker 2231 XUO714 on route to London via Guildford (DB)

TR2653  East Kent single-decker HFN1 to London (DB)

TR2654  South Midland single-decker SFC504 London coach station (DB)

TR2655  East Kent double-decker JG8204 at Sandwich? (DB)

TR2656  Thames Valley double-decker 449 DBL157 on route 8 to Henley (DB)

TR2657  Thames Valley single-decker 580 FMO962 (DB)

TR2658  East Kent double-decker MFN897 (DB)

TR2659  East Kent double-decker (DB)

TR2660  East Kent front view of Dennis single-decker CFN111 showing route 119 to Ashford (DB)

TR2661  East Kent Dennis single-decker CJG994 (DB)

TR2662  East Kent double-decker JG9929 (DB)

TR2663  East Kent double-decker JG9920 (DB)

TR2664  Maidstone & District double-decker HKE284 showing route 11 to Ashford (DB)

TR2665  East Kent rear view of single-decker CFN161 (DB)

TR2666  Maidstone & District Leyland double-decker DL33 NKT926 (DB)

TR2667  Front view of East Kent Dennis single-decker EFN584 (DB)

TR2668  Front view of East Kent? Leyland single-decker 684 HCD450 (DB)

TR2669  Maidstone & District? front view of Bristol double-decker DH234 JKM931 (DB)

TR2670  Southdown single-decker HUF280 showing Races on indicator (DB)

TR2671  Maidstone & District single-decker SO201 UKN201 (DB)

TR2672  Maidstone & District double-decker (side view) (DB)

TR2673  Maidstone & District Leyland single-decker CO579 CKO982 (front view) (DB)

TR2674  Maidstone & Distrct open top double-decker OT6 FKO230 (DB)

TR2675  Maidstone & District rear view of double-decker DH234 JKM931 (DB)

TR2676  Maidstone & District single-decker SO107 NKT966 (DB)

TR2677  Maidstone & District single-decker CO579 CKO982 (DB)

TR2678  Maidstone & District single-decker KKK835 (DB)

TR2679  Maidstone & District single-decker JKM450 (DB)

TR2680  R.A.Co-operative.S. single-decker 71 JXP69 (DB)

TR2681  Southdown single-decker LUF619 (DB)

TR2682  Maidstone & District single-decker SO102 NKT961 on London service (DB)

TR2683  Maidstone & District single-decker CO252 OKP980 (DB)

TR2684  Maidstone & District single-decker SKE989 (DB)

TR2685  Norfolk Coachways Leyland Comet single-decker KPW999 on Eastern Counties London service (DB)

TR2686  Royal Blue Bristol single-decker 1269 LTA898 London Victoria (DB)

TR2687 Eastern National AEC Regal single-decker PL147 BHJ132 London Victoria (DB)

TR2688  South Midland Bristol single-decker EBD236 London Victoria (DB)

TR2689  East Kent double-decker MFN898 on route 6 to Canterbury (DB)

TR2692  East Kent Guy double-decker BJG301 showing route 39 & single-decker EFN565 (DB)

TR2693  Southdown double-deckers Leyland RUF190 showing route 12 to Brighton & EUF169 showing route 94 circular route to Eastbourne (DB)

TR2694  Maidstone & District open top single-decker TO3 AKT835 on Round the Town Tour (DB)

TR2695  Maidstone & District single-decker SO74 NKT933 showing route 36 to Sheerness (DB)

TR2696  Southdown open top double-decker Guy GUF152 showing route 97 to Eastbourne (DB)

TR2697  Maidstone & District single-deckers AEC Regal CO14 JKM414 & Bristol SO58 MKN205 (DB)

TR2698  Hants & Dorset single-decker Bristol 665 JRU68 on hire to Royal Blue at London Victoria (DB)

TR2699  Skinners front view of AEC Regal single-decker CO120 DDY752 London Victoria (DB)

TR2700  Red & White single-decker JWO543 London Victoria 1959 (DB)

TR2701  East Kent single-decker at London Victoria (side view) (DB)

TR2702  AEC Regal half-cab single-decker at London Victoria (side view) 1959 (DB)

TR2703  Single-decker TUJ260 on load to Midland Red at London Victoria (DB)

TR2704  Royal Blue single-decker 1449 LTA925 London Victoria (DB)

TR2705  Skinners, St Leonards on Sea single-decker half-cab (side view) (DB)

TR2706  Oxford double-decker 984 984HFC showing route 44 (DB)

TR2707  Leyland single-decker LWL995 (front view) (DB)

TR2708  Oxford AEC double-decker 908 PWL419 showing route 20 to Abingdon (DB)

TR2709  Oxford single-decker 715 NJO715 (DB)

TR2710  Oxford double-decker 941 UWL941 showing route 94 to Oxford (DB)

TR2711  East Kent single-decker CFN107 showing London route (DB)

TR2712  Aldershot & District single-decker 193 LAA228 London Victoria (DB)

TR2713  Royal Blue on Western National Coach Service Bristol single-decker 1243 HOD106 London Victoria (DB)

TR2714  East Yorkshire single-decker London Victoria 1959 (DB)

TR2715  Red & White half-cab single-decker GWO698 London Victoria (DB)

TR2716  Maidstone & District single-decker SO267 267DKT (DB)

TR2717  Maidstone & District Guy double-decker DH20 GKN267 showing route 19 Luton Depot (DB)

TR2718  Maidstone & District Guy double-decker DH447 CKR747 showing Dockyard route (DB)

TR2719  East Kent Leyland double-decker EFN185 on route 37 to the Pier (DB)

TR2720  Butlin’s Hotel, Cliftonville single-decker CFN108 showing Butlin’s Hotels route (DB)

TR2721  East Kent single-decker CJG988 (DB)

TR2722  East Kent half-cab single-decker CFN110 on route 38 Herne Bay (DB)

TR2723  Alpha Coaches, South Tottenham single-decker KVC895 London Victoria (DB)

TR2724  Western single-decker OCS740 London Victoria (DB)

TR2725  Aldershot & District single-decker 198 LAA233 London Victoria (DB)

TR2726  Yorkshire single-decker EHD971 London Victoria (DB)

TR2727  Southdown single-decker (side view) London Victoria (DB)

TR2728  East Kent Leyland single-decker CFN105 showing Folkestone route (front view) (DB)

TR2729  East Kent Leyland single-decker CFN105 (rear view) (DB)

TR2730  A H Kearsey on hire to Black & White AEC single-decker 58 JDG715 London Victoria (DB)

TR2731  Hants & Dorset half-cab single-decker on Bournemouth service (side view) (DB)

TR2732  Eastbourne Corporation double-decker 23 JK9651 (rear ¾ view) (DB)

TR2733  Maidstone & District half-cab single-decker (side view) (DB)

TR2734  Black & White single-decker W128 London Victoria (side view) (DB)

TR2735  Black & White Bristol single-decker JDD499 London Victoria (front view) (DB)

TR2736  Aldershot & District half-cab single-decker 979 GAA615 London Victoria 1959 (DB)

TR2737  Southdown double-decker 201 EUF201 in street on Relief service (DB)

TR2738  Timpson’s single-decker HUV448 London Victoria (DB)

TR2739  Western National half-cab Bristol single-decker 1303 LTA741 (DB)

TR2740  AEC Regal half-cab single-decker SRA904 JFM754 showing Caernarvon route at London Victoria (front view) (DB)

TR2741  Crosville half-cab single-decker JA24 FM8994 showing Caernarvon Local Service route (front view) (DB)

TR2742  East Kent Guy double-decker EFN178 showing route 17 to Folkestone (DB)

TR2743  East Kent Guy double-decker GFN908 showing route 6 to Canterbury (DB)

TR2744  East Kent open top Guy double-decker BGJ304 (DB)

TR2745  Crosville half-cab Guy single-decker ETE932 LFM308 showing route X4 to Caernarvon (DB)

TR2746  Thames Valley half-cab double-decker GJB277 (DB)

TR2747  Greyhound Royal Blue Bristol single-decker 2466 NAE2 (DB)

TR2748  AEC single-deckers CD410 410FKL on F19 Leysdown service & Maidstone & District SO258 258BKM showing E5 London express service (front views) (DB)

TR2749  PMT, Stoke-on-Trent AEC single-decker C5619 VEH619 London Victoria (DB)

TR2750  Southdown single-decker LUF644 London Victoria (DB)

TR2751  Timpson’s of London single-decker XXT511 London Victoria (rear ¾ view) (DB)

TR2752  SMT double-decker BB99A GSF682 (DB)

TR2755  Eynon’s ex-LT RR35 double-decker JXH358 at Carmarthen 23/1/59 (right & left side views available) (DI)

TR2758  Unidentified bus depot possibly in Bedford area


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